3 Awesome Premium Metal Fidget Spinners
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I received a package the other day, and in it were 3 awesome metal fidget spinners sent to me by Infinite Spin. Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t your typical $3 plastic fidget spinners that you get from 7-11, … Read More

Creality CR10 3D Printer
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I got my Creality CR-10 3D printer the other week, and I haven’t been doing much else in life except printing almost 24/7! It was easy to setup, calibrate the bed, and get going! But enough about the talking, have … Read More

How to make magnetic slime
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How to make magnetic slime Magnetic slime is some great fun, especially if you’ve got some great neodymium magnets that you can muck around with. You only need a few basic ingredients for how to make magnetic slime. This page … Read More

Homopolar Motors
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Homopolar Motors: How do they work? Homopolar motors are fascinating objects. These are sometimes also called Faraday motors, Faraday generator, uni polar motors or battery motors. They are probably the most simple demonstration of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. … Read More

Measuring the speed of fidget spinners
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Fidget spinners are awesome. They they’re latest craze on the internet (and in real life). I thought it would be cool to measure the speed of fidget spinners. Why? Well, why not? This would be a cool way to perform … Read More

Super strong neodymium magnet vs iPhone 6
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Super strong neodymium magnet vs. iPhone 6, what happens? In this video we test to see whether an iPhone 6 can still operate after being exposed to a super strong neodymium magnet. Do you think a magnet can affect an … Read More

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