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Magnet spheres, also known as bucky balls or magnet balls are one of my favourite fidget toys. I decided to buy 1000 of them (1080 specifically) because I wanted to make a nice cube of 1000 magnetic spheres. I bought 5 packs of 216 of these little things to do it and had a nice 80 left over for fun. I’d recommend buying a cubic number ūüôā These things will also really surprise you with how strong they are! But be careful, these are very dangerous if ingested, so keep them out of reach of small children! I’ve also taken a fair few photos so you can really see what these magnets are about.

Magnetic Spheres Size

These magnet balls are the smaller version, with a 3mm diameter. At this smaller size, they can get quite fiddly to move around, especially with bigger hands.


Playing with 1000 mini magnetic balls! (Video)

Buckyball Colours

The specific pack I bought my magnetic balls came in several different colours. These colours were green, gold, red, purple and orange. You can see from the photos how these colors look. One thing that is a bit disappointing is that the colour chips if you smash the magnet balls together, but this doesn’t affect the magnet strength which is good.

cool photo of shiny magnetic spheres in cube and cylinder mini man climb the rope magnet spheres assorted shapes with magnetic spheres and buckyballs

buckyball neoballs hexagon shape cool toothpase magnetic sphere shapebuckyball magnetic sphere carpet216 magnet balls and packaging

magnetic balls packaging magnet sphere tower 1000 magnet sphere buckyball square

Mini Men and Magnet Spheres

I took some cool photos of some 3D printed mini men with these balls just to show the scale and have a little fun!

man climbing a tower of buckyballsmini men and magnet ballsbuckyball carpet and manmagnetic ball tube

Uses for Magnet Balls

You can see in the following video some of the cool things I use magnets for. This includes using these spheres to fidget around, make jewellery with, and build things!

Superheating Magnetic Spheres (experiment)

I also ran a small experiment to see what heat would do on these buckyballs, if you’re interested, have a look!


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  1. Cathrice
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    I love to play the magnets

    • Cathrice
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      I to play with the magnetic balls

  2. Cathrice
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    I love to play the magnet balls

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