Anet E10 3D Printer – Compact, huge print volume

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So after getting my Creality CR-10 3D printer, I was fortunate to acquire the latest and greatest Anet E10 3D printer! At a glance, you could say it’s better than the CR-10 (psst: it’s not), but below I’ll dig into various reasons how the E10 differs to it and why it’s a decent candidate to buy. I’ve also made a YouTube video about it below to help you see what this printer is about. I’ve included some comparisons to the CR-10 throughout to help you see what this printer is about.

Quick Overview of the Anet E10 3D Printer

Here are some quick stats about the printer:

  • The control unit comes integrated with a 12864 LCD screen. It’s nice and big, easy to use, and shows the monitoring information very clearly. This includes temperature of the hot end, bed and percentage completed of the print.
  • This printer supports 0.1 – 0.4mm layer thickness.
  • Micro SD card slot for offline printing. (You don’t need to directly connect your printer to it, just save your design to the SD card and print from there!)
  • A nice big print volume: 220 x 270 x 300mm.
  • Has a nice sturdy aluminium frame with sweet green accents.
  • The assembly is very simple, as setup time is super fast! (Took me about an hour).

aanet e10 3d printer main photo

Cost of the E10

Right now, the Anet E10 3d printer is fairly moderately priced. It’s a printer with one of the largest print volumes for its size. If you want to buy one, there are coupon codes that you can use for a better price:

  • ANETE10

With this coupon, it’s around $290 USD, which is of course an excellent price to get into the 3D printer market. A lot cheaper that the CR-10, with fairly minor performance differences.

  • ANET10

WIth this coupon, you get some free filament too! $289.99 should be the updated price.

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Appearance and Quality of the

Anet E10 3D printer

If you’re familiar with the Creality CR-10, you could say that the Anet E10 is it’s baby brother. Almost an identical frame (except smaller), you’d think that they came from the same factory (they probably do). There are several key aspects of the Anet E10 3d printer that make it distinct though.

Stand-out features

  • Heated bed pad
    • One interesting thing that is a noticeable difference from the CR10 is the headed bed pad. This printer comes with an adhesive black pad that fits nicely to the aluminium bed. This means that there’s no TAPE or NO sugar solution to deal with 🙂 A nice added bonus means that you also don’t have to deal with glass. The time-to-heat is drastically reduced because of this, and it makes me a happy person. I’d say it cuts heating time to about 30-50% of a bigger bed, which is awesome. So if you want to make a quick print, you don’t have to wait 10 minutes just to get started. This is one of my favourite features of this printer.
  • Compact Footprint
    • It’s definitely a small form factor. However, it still holds an absolutely huge print volume. This makes it A LOT easier to move around than some of the bigger printers.
  • Dual Z axis motors / rods.
    • On each side of the Z axis frame, there are threaded rods that help to raise and lower the gantry. The CR10 only has one.
  • 3D printed parts
    • Some of the parts of the Anet E10 have been clearly 3D printed. Some examples include the filament spool holder, and some rod/pin brackets. This was likely used to reduce costs. But, they aren’t really key parts, and it’s an interesting addition.
  • Nice Green Accents
    • The colour on this printer is really nice. Even the decals and green stripe on the control box make it look really nice, and gives it a professional finish.
  • Noise
    • One thing that I noticed straight away was the noise (or lack) of this printer! It’s very nice and quiet, and doesn’t have that harsh hissing or thrashing of some other printers.
  • Spare parts
    • One bonus of this is the range of spares this comes with. It comes with a range of tools, a scraper, some spare hex bolts and an extra hot-end.

One small grievance I have with this printer is the slight Z-wobble with the printing. This gives some prints some slight unevenness on the Z-axis. This could be from some loose components. I’m investigating the cause.

anet e10 3d printer photos of usb and sd card

Video of the E10 3D printer

Assembly of the Anet E10 3D printer

Assembling the printer isn’t hard at all. The few small pages of instructions that come with the printer do a surprisingly good job of guiding you through the already basic assembly. All that it takes is firstly joining the Z frame to the base XY frame with some hex-nuts. That’s the bulk of the work. You then need to solidify the connection of the Z frame to the XY frame with some bigger hex bolts from the bottom. You then need to start wiring up the unit, and this isn’t hard with well-labeled wires. The heating element goes neatly into the hot-end, and so does the thermistor, then the hot end unit is enclosed with the fan cover.

However, there doesn’t seem to be instructions with assembling the hot bed. To do this, you just need to insert the thin bolts through the holes in the bed, put the springs on the opposite side of the aluminium, and then press this down on the printer. Now, screwing on the nuts will keep the aluminium bed fastened to the printer, and now it can be levelled properly. The following image shows you what it should look like.

anet e10 hot end photo and pins

Top Assembly Tips

There were a few small moments that were slightly irritating with the assembly that I came across. Letting you know here might save you some time in assembly, they are as follows:

  1. I was missing a couple of small hex bolts. These could have been from my own misplacement, so I can’t say if they were missing from the box.
  2. The “extruder” and “X axis” labels were mixed up. That’s right, the wires were wrong. So when you install yours, just navigate to “auto-home” on the printer control box and see if it behaves as it should. I swapped these two wires after I saw something wasn’t working right, and it fixed my issue.
  3. The two motors for the X axis and Z axis have ports for the wires that face in. I found this was an issue because the bold on the aluminium bed kept hitting these ports when it moves on the Y axis. So before you assemble the bed, I recommend unscrewing the two motors and rotating them 90 degrees. You can see how this looks in the image below.
  4. Pay attention to the wiring, especially with the limiting switches. It might be easy to swap the RED and BLACK wires. This is a small inconvenience to pay for the drop in price of this printer.


anet e10 3d printer photos


The printer also came with 20 meters of filament which was a nice surprise! It uses 1.75mm thick PLA, but also takes all the other regular types of filament. I’m also really impressed with the default filament it comes with, it’s actually better than the dedicated stuff I buy off the internet…

Issues and Fixes

So after a couple of days tinkering with the machine and going back and forth, I have fixed the issues I had with this machine (the jaggedness of the prints, z wobble).

  • The fans/hot end/ extruder module that sits on the gantry (I’ll refer to as the printer head) was loose. I tried so hard to get it to tighten and be solid like my CR10, but it was a struggle. What finally fixed the issue was unscrewing the top two wheels, and the bottom wheel. I then pushed the bottom wheel up (it has a slotted hole) as far as possible and screwed it back in. After then screwing the top screws back in, it felt as solid as the Creality.

Anet E10 tighten gantry print head to stop wobble


  • Tightening the y-axis belt also helped. There are two screws that you can use to tighten the vertical and horizontal alignment of the y axis belt of the Anet E10.

Anet E10 y axis tighten for better quality print

  • I stated before that rotating the Z motors 90 degrees helped solve the issue of the hot bed moving through, but this then introduced the z motors being un-level as they were partly sitting on the green colouring, giving it a slight slope. I fixed this by rotating a further 90 degrees (total 180) so that the electrical ports of the z motors now face externally. These 3 points virtually erased all issues.

Anet E10 z stepper motors rotate so don't get in way


Sample Prints of the Anet E10

Below are some sample shots of prints of the Anet E10 that I’ve printed.

Anet E10 Sample print whistle

(The last one is a before and after the modifications, noticeable improvement.).

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Anet E10 3D printer is a decent entry level printer for the price (but with the coupon!). Is it as good as the CR10? No. But it still has some great elements as a budget printer. If I can manage to fix the z-wobble (which I have), I’d highly recommend it. Given it’s fast setup time and no-fuss printing, it isn’t bad. The quietness, relatively large print volume and compactness are some points I really like about it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a comment on this post! It’s made cheap, but the small fixes can get it up to par.

Quick Specs

Nozzle quantity Single
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Product forming size 220 x 270 x 300mm
Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Micro SD Card Support Yes
LCD Screen Yes
Print speed 40 – 120mm/s
Supporting material ABS,HIPS,PLA
Material diameter 1.75mm
File formats G-code, STL
XY-axis positioning accuracy 0.015mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.004mm
Voltage 110V/220V
Working Power 250W
OS Support Windows, Mac
Product weight 7.8000 kg
Package weight 9.0000 kg
Product size 40.00 x 44.00 x 49.50 cm / 15.75 x 17.32 x 19.49 inches
Package size 50.00 x 45.00 x 20.00 cm / 19.69 x 17.72 x 7.87 inches
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  1. ben
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    Thanks so much for this, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to fix the Z wobble. I didn’t realize the bottom hole is eccentric.

    • admin
      | Reply

      No worries ben. It was absolutely driving me nuts too! (Ha, no pun intended). If you run into others with this issue, please share this!

      But just to clarify for the others with the crazy wobble of the hot end head: you need to unscrew all screws and first tighten the bottom (single) screw, but push it up to its max position for a nice tight fit. This is under the issues and fixes section.

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